Wednesday, June 4

NEW photoshoot

I haven't posted anything here for a long time, and here's a tiny piece of a new shooting which I did in Nice (France)

Besides, I regulary post photos on my website, so check it out!

Wednesday, April 23

life lately (via instagram)

I'm so sorry for lack of new posts - I've been traveling a lot lately. So there are going to be lots of new photos from Cambodia, Thailand and Kaliningrad. Don't miss them !:))

Here is my life via Instagram lately (check it out @valerygoncharenko

Последнее время я много путешествую и из-за этого редко пишу в блог. Но сейчас я в Москве, так что ждите много новых постов с фотографиями из Камбоджи, Таиланда и Калининграда!:)

Эта запись - о моей жизни в последнее время. Фото из Инстаграма (@valerygoncharenko)

Getting inspiration in MOMMA museum 

Sippin cappuccino in Double Coffee (Moscow, Arbat street). Quite a nice place, actually.
Капуччино из Дабл Кофе (тот, что на Арбате)

This is what I do when I'm bored.. Drawing is something that makes me feel satisfied (well, when I like the illustration I made :)) )

Looking for high-waisted jeans for summer.. These ones are from American Eagle outfitters, though I ended up buying Topshop jeans.
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